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 Miraa no Hansha (ミラーの反射)

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Moka Akashiya
Anikoichi Founder
Anikoichi Founder

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PostSubject: Miraa no Hansha (ミラーの反射)   Tue May 11, 2010 7:53 am

Miraa no Hansha (ミラーの反射)

Hinata Natsumi

Romance/Drama/Mystery/Slice of Life


* anikoichi globe chapter members :

Hidari Shotaro - Shotaro
Narumi Akiko - Akiko
Kobayashi Chimaki - Mojako
Nekoko Roksas - Roku
Tanichi Rukia - Rukia
Tanichi Mika - Kira
Minisuka Takuya - Phillip
Hinata Natsumi - Moka
Miyanara Keichihiro - Dark
Suda Takeshi - Ichigo
Hoshii Miyuri - Yuri
Hidari Chiaki - Chiaki
Chizumi Akari - Achie
Fujiwara Hikari - Yumi
Hongo Kanata - Kanata
Kisaragi Ayame - Azmaria
Hatsuda Yuki - Takumi
Kobayashi Mina - Fumiko
Kobayashi Kei - Keichan
Sendou Yukari - Yukari
Hinata Fuyuki - Souchou



" 私はアニメが絶対に好きです~!!! "



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Moka Akashiya
Anikoichi Founder
Anikoichi Founder

Number of posts : 961
Age : 24
Location : Otaku world .. :P
Registration date : 2008-11-08

PostSubject: Miraa no Hansha (ミラーの反射) Chapter 1 : Twins   Fri May 28, 2010 8:05 am

*sorry for the grammatical errors but i did my best to do it. Smile hope you like it. ^^


Chapter 1: Twins


- Chiba, Japan -

- Hoshizaka Gakuen -
W/N: fictional school located in Chiba-ken, Japan.

*early morning*

(inside the classroom of 3-A, there’s a girl who stood in front of the window. Looking and staring outside. She seems so sad. Very alone.)

(the lights were off and she’s the only one who is in there)

“it’s already my day. 4 years ago have been passed since that day. But I still don’t know Akiko… Narumi Akiko…”

(Tears dripping)



(Dismissal bell rings)
Yukari: (stand) (stretched her arms in the air and shouted) LUNCHTiME DE—SU!
Natsumi: (approaches Akiko) Akiko!!! OTANJOOBi OMEDETOOOOO~!!! (Hold Akiko’s cheek) Kawaii shoujo~!!!
Akiko: iyaa~ stop it, sumi-chaaaan~
Miyuri: nee, let’s go somewhere after class!
Akiko: h-hai, M-m-miyuuu-rr-rriii~ (feels uncomfortable while Natsumi is pinching her cheeks)
Natsumi: kyaaaaaaaaaaaa~ (stretch Akiko’s cheek wider) that’s a great idea! ^^
Akiko: (shouted) iTAAAAAAiiiiii~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >_< itai~ itai~ (beating Natsumi’s hands)
(other classmates came…)
Keichihiro: woah~ where’s the venue, Narumi-san?
(Natsumi stopped pinching Akiko’s face and they looked at their classmates.)
Akiko: haha, don’t make me laugh, Hiro-kun.
Takuya: woah~ “Hiro-kun” huh? Sound’s fishy, Narumi! (Teasing Akiko)
Akiko: (blush) don’t make fun of me, Minisuka-kun, Miyanara-kun told me call him by his name. What’s the matter with that?!
Keichihiro: (beat Takuya’s head) why do you always love to tease us, huh?
Natsumi: do you want to know? Bochi bochi… (Blush) Akiko to Miyanara-san wa raabu-raabu combination desu!!! PERFECTO!!! (Winks) n.nv
Akiko: NATSU—Mi! (Holds Natsumi’s head and jumble it) I hate being tease!
Natsumi: (make a defense) iyaaa~ Natsumi is dead!!! Kyaaaaa~ >__<
(Miyuri, Takuya and Keichihiro laughs at them)



(Dismissal bell rings)
(All the classes had finished when the dismissal bell rang. While Akiko and friend were walking on the road going to Akiko’s place…)

Natsumi: we’re almost there! Wasshoi~! >__<
Miyuri: nee, Akiko. Someone’s in the front of your house. (Pointing the person waiting in the front of the gate of Akiko’s house.)
(When they reached the house...)
Akiko: R-Roku…
Roku: (looked at Akiko) (smile) Otanjobi Omedeto, Akiko… ^^
Natsumi: (holds Akiko’s shoulder and moves her mouth closer to Akiko’s ear) (whisper) nee, is he… your boyfriend?
Akiko: (shock) NEVER!
Atsumi: but he’s holding a huge gift box. I don’t think a simple friend would give something like that to his opposite.
Akiko: no, chigaimasu!
Roku: ugh… I just wanted to give these to you. (showed the gift he’s holding)
Akiko: (blinks)

- Inside Akiko’s house-

Akiko: (surprise) WAAA~ @__@ TEDi BERU~! (Hugs the bear)
Natsumi: waaa~ bishie-sama wa amai! >__<
Miyuri: bishie-sama?
Natsumi: haha… referring to Akiko’s admirer. (Pointing Roku)
Roku: (shock) no… I’m not her admirer!
(Akiko’s classmates were shocked.)
Takuya: then, why did you gave her those expensive gifts?
Akiko: he’s my bestfriend. XD
All: aaaaaahhhhhhhh… (Question mark above their head.)
Natsumi: Akiko-chi is so lucky for having a cutie pie chuu~ chuu~ bestfriend!!! (nosebleed)
Keichihiro: Natsumi! Don’t use your freaking words to him!
Roku: ahaha, it’s ok! (Smile)
Miyuri: “cutie pie chuu~ chuu~” –XD I wonder what that means…
Akiko: I’ll just make some food in the kitchen. (Went to the kitchen)
Natsumi: foodie~ ^^ I want a dango! XD
Miyuri: so… the “cutie pie chuu~ chuu~’s” name is?
Roku: Nekoko Roksas… call me Roku. ^^
Takuya: aah… Takuya desu! ^^
Natsumi: Nachuu~ <3
Miyuri: Miyuri desu! This girl (pointing Natsumi) is Natsumi. ^^
Keichihiro: hiro desu. Nice meeting you, Roku. XD
Roku: hai! Yoroshiku!
Keichihiro: saa… a guy wearing in school uniform attire means you didn’t went to you home first?
Roku: yeah, but that’s fine. Smile
Takuya: since when do you know Akiko?
Roku: since we were in junior high. When she moved here in our place.
Natsumi: oh? How did you two meet?
(While Akiko was cutting vegetables in the kitchen, she heard about the conversation of Roku and her classmates when she felt worried and went back to where her friends were…)
Roku: ugh… how do we meet?—
Akliko: minna!
All: (shock) (looked at Akiko)
Akiko: (worried face)
Miyuri: Akiko? Is there any problem? You look so worried.
Akiko: (smile) iie… ahm... I’ll open the player, let’s have karaoke here! (opened the TV and her DVD player)
(music started to play)
Natsumi: waaa~ Karaoke looks so fun! I love to sing!
Keichihiro: there will be a typhoon if you sing. (serious face)
Natsumi: (bubbly face) Miyanara-kun! (pout) amp.
Akiko: saa… (speak in a microphone) anyone who wants to sing first? (big smile)
Roku: "Akiko..." (worried face)


- Hokkaido, Japan -

(In Hokkaido, there is also a girl celebrates her birthday. Same as Akiko’s birthday.)


- Chimaki’s house -

All: Happy Birthday, Chimaki-chan! x))
Chimaki: (blows the light of her candle on her cake) Arigato gozaimasu! (Bows)
All: (claps)
Akari: More birthdays to come, Maki-chan! ^^
Chimaki: Arigato, Akari-chan.
Takeshi: Chimaki, you look so pretty enjoy tonight… even without your boyfriend.
Mina: yah… Maki-chan, where’s kareshi?
Chimaki: shinpai shinaide, Okaa-san. Otoo-san mou. ^^
Kei: it’s better if you are celebrating your special day with your special someone. We don’t want you to be sad because of him, Maki. (holds Mina’s shoulder closer to him.)
Chimaki: (looked at her phone)… “still, there’s no message… where are you?” (worried face)
Akari: Maki-chan is very lucky to have parents like Mina-san and Kei-san. ^^ I envy you! >__<
(doorbell rings)
Takeshi: Maki. Someone’s there.
Chimaki: (excited face) (opened the door) you’re late! >|
Shotaro: gomen ne, Maki. I bought these for you that’s why I am late. (showed his bag with lots of huge gifts.)
Chimaki: (teary eyes) Shotaro… WAAA~ (hugs Shotaro) AiSHiTERU YO! <3
Shotaro: Ch-Ch—Chimaki~!!! >__<
(Akari and Takeshi took a peek at the two.)
Akari: (laughs) what a cute couple. XD
Takeshi: yah… I hope we are cute couples too. (smile)
Akari: (beat Takeshi) IN YOUR DREAMS! Razz (go back inside)
Takeshi: a-awts… T.T (follows Akari)
Chimaki: nee, let’s go inside! Okaa-san and Otoo-san are waiting inside!
Shotaro: un! Smile
Chimaki: (smile) (hold Shotaro’s hand) (go inside w/Shotaro) Haha! Chichi! ^^
Mina: (looked at Shotaro) Shotaro! It’s nice to see you here tonight! ^^
Shotaro: (bow) sorry if I am late! Okaa-san! Otoo-san!
Akari: (covered her mouth in shockness) (eyes widen) OMG! “Okaa-san Otoo-san??”
Takeshi: that’s too sweet and respectful.
Chimaki: Shotaro-kun! (tried to stop Shotaro)
Kei: (stand) mou daijoubu, Shotaro. Don’t bow in front of us, that’s too much.
Shotaro: arigato gozaimasu! (stand) I promise to love Chimaki till death!
Chimaki: (blush) Taro-kun…
Shotaro: (look at Chimaki and smile) everything’s fine, Maki. ^^
Mina: I’m happy, Shotaro. Very happy.
Akari/Takeshi: (claps) and they lived happily ever after! xD
Chimaki: Akari-chan! Take-chan! (apple face)
Akari: (laughs) don’t you like it?
Chimaki: it’s just… kinda… embarrassing… >__<
Takeshi: (laughs) kawaii Maki-chan!
Shotaro: (laughs at Chimaki) TAHAHAHAHA!
Chimaki: (pouts) what so funny?! (beat Shotaro’s head)
Shotaro: haha… I just love to tease you! Right, Takeshi?
Takeshi: (laughs) I love it!
Chimaki: unyaaaa~ T.T
Mina/Kei: (laughs)
Mina: (sigh) I wonder if she’s also celebrating her birthday and enjoys it.
Chimaki/Shotaro: (shock) (eyes widen)
Kei: maybe she’s happy. She had her new life, I bet—
Chimaki: YAMETE!!!
All: (shocks)
Akari: Maki?! What’s wrong?!
Kei: (hugs Chimaki) sorry about that, Maki.
Chimaki: (shock face) …
Shotaro: why are you so mad about it? You’re still connected to her.
Chimaki: …I don’t want to remember Chidori anymore… SHE’S DEAD FOR ME!
Mina: (cried more) …
Kei: (approaches Mina and hugs her) Maki, you should stop acting like that.
Akari: …I wonder what’s going on…
Takeshi: maybe it’s something related to their family…
Shotaro: …
Chimaki: (mad face)

“Chidori… she’s just an evil part of my life.”

~ おわり .



" 私はアニメが絶対に好きです~!!! "



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Miraa no Hansha (ミラーの反射)
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